Doctors and Diseases

Ben Leader
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Ben Leader
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GCSE Biology (Docters and diseases) Mind Map on Doctors and Diseases, created by Ben Leader on 05/08/2013.

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Doctors and Diseases
1 Bacteria
1.1 Can be good, can be bad
1.2 Live everywhere
1.3 Multiply, even from one single cell
2 Fungi
2.1 Athlete's Foot
2.2 Is a living thing
2.3 Used in food
2.4 Eg/ Yeast
3 Virus
3.1 Not classed as a living because it doesn't follow MRS GREN
3.2 Lives off of other organisms
3.3 Reproduces with other cells
3.4 Takes over other cells
4 Size order (largest to smallest)
4.1 Viruses
4.1.1 Bacterai Viruses
5 Aerobic Respiration
5.1 glucose + Oxygen -> Carbon dioxide + water
6 Anaerobic Respiration (fermentation)
6.1 Glucose -> carbon dioxide + ethanol
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