Religion and animal rights

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Religion and animal rights
1 Attitudes of different religions
1.1 Buddhism
1.1.1 Animals are part of the cycle of life, Samsara. The first precept, not to harm any living thing applies to animals.
1.2 Christianity
1.2.1 God created the world and put humans in charge Stewardship Responsibility
1.3 Hinduism
1.3.1 Sanctity of all life - all living things in the cycle of birth, death and rebirth as the soul is reborn so humans have a duty to protect animals.
1.4 Islam
1.4.1 The world belongs to Allah and so humans must care for animals and treat them with respect.
2 Animals for food
2.1 Vegetarianism
2.1.1 Why are some people vegetarians or vegans? Many Buddhists, Hindus and Sikhs are vegetarian - why is this? Muslims and Jews have food laws which tell them which animals they may eat and how to kill them (Halal and Kosher). There are no specific religious teachings for Christians.
2.2 Factory farming
2.2.1 Animals being kept in a confined space.
2.3 Free-range farming
2.3.1 Animals are allowed to roam freely.
2.4 Slaughter and transport of animals
2.4.1 How should this be done? THINK Halal for Muslims.
3 Leisure
3.1 Pets
3.1.1 Most Muslims do not have pets as animals must not be kept in limited spaces BUT can keep working dogs for hunting or guarding their home. ALL faiths except humane treatment of animals.
3.2 Transport and work
3.2.1 Animals used to transport people and goods, use of guide dogs and sniffer dogs. Religious views state that animals must be cared for, not beaten or overworked. The use of animals for therapeutic (healing) effect is supported.
3.3 Sport
3.3.1 Should we use animals in hunting and bullfighting? Should greyhound and pigeon racing remain legal?
4 Animal experiments
4.1 Testing for cosmetic or medicinal purposes
4.2 Genetic modification
4.3 Cloning
4.3.1 Creating an organism that is the exact genetic copy of another. BUT thousands of animal embryos are destroyed while trying to clone them.
4.4 Religious Views
4.4.1 Some are against genetic modification and cloning as they think scientists are 'playing God' and interfering with nature. Other may say it is ok if they help to save lives.
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