Production of gamets

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Production of gamets
1 Advantages of sex in evolution
1.1 Over 99.9% of eukaryotes reproduce sexually
1.2 Is good for natural selection
1.2.1 Sex can be favored when selection varies over space
1.2.2 Sex evolves more readily when a species enviroment changes rapidly
2 Spermatogenesis
2.1 Process of espero cell development.
2.1.1 Spermatocygogenesis Primitive cells proliferase by mitosis.
2.1.2 Spermiogenesis Cells retain a rounded configuration Spermatids undergo a change in form during spermiogenesis.
3 Genetic Recombination in fertilization
3.1 Happens during meiosis
3.1.1 In propase I of Meiosis I crossing over occurs when the double- stranded homologous pairs connect and exchange DNA.
4 Meiotic events
5 The maintenance of sexual reproduction in a highly competitive world has long been one of the major mysteries of biology given that asexual reproduction can reproduce much more quickly because 50% of offspring from sexual reproduction are males, unable to produce offspring themselves.
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