Assessing reading

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Organziador gráfico de assessing reading.

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Assessing reading
1 Genres of reading.
1.1 Academic Reading
1.1.1 General interest articles, technical reports.reference material
1.2 Job related reading
1.2.1 Messages, letters, schedules, labels, manuals, etc.
1.3 Personal reading
1.3.1 Newspaper, magazines, comics, cartoons, etc.
2 Microskills, macroskills and strategies for reading
2.1 Represent the spectrum of possibilities for objectives in the assessment of reading comprehension
3 Types of reading
3.1 Perceptive
3.1.1 Activities Written response, multiple choice, picture cued items
3.2 Selective
3.2.1 Activities Multiple choice, matching tasks, editing tasks, picture-cued tasks, gap-filling tasks
3.3 Interactive
3.3.1 Activities Cloze-tasks, impromtu reading coomprehension questions, short answer tasks, editing (longer texts), etc.
3.4 Extensive
3.4.1 Activities Skimming tasks, summarizing and responding, note taking
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