Acid and Alkali

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Created by conor.donor over 6 years ago
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Acid and Alkali
1 chemical that dissolve in water can be but into 5 groups
1.1 strong acid
1.2 weak acid
1.3 nuetral
1.4 weak alkali
1.5 strong alkali
2 Acid
2.1 taste sour
2.1.1 vinegar
2.1.2 lemons
2.2 large concintration of hydrogen ions
2.3 strong acid
2.3.1 usuall corrosive metal flesh
2.3.2 solphic acid battery acid
2.3.3 hydrocloric acid stomach acid
2.4 weak acid
2.4.1 still be corrosive
2.4.2 found in foods
2.4.3 citric acid citric fruits
2.4.4 malic acid sweets
3 alkali
3.1 little hydorgen ions
3.2 hydroxide ions (oH)
3.3 dont react with metals
3.4 strong alkali
3.4.1 less comon
3.4.2 sodium hydrixide caustic soda
3.5 weak alkali
3.5.1 more common
3.5.2 Gives bitter flavour Coffe Black tea
3.5.3 Sodium hydrogen carbonate Baking powder
3.5.4 Ammonia Used in fertiliser

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