Critical Readings of 'Macbeth'

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Critical Readings of 'Macbeth'
1 G. Wilson Knight
1.1 'Here life forces are vividly and very clearly contrasted with evil'
1.2 'Fear is at the heart of this play'
2 Samuel Johnson
2.1 'The danger of ambition is well described'
3 Sigmund Freud
3.1 Thinks that the Macbeth's psychological difficulties stems from the trauma of them being childless
4 Jan Kott
4.1 Argues that 'Macbeth' shows the absurdity of the world and that history is a nightmare
4.2 'Macbeth has only one theme: murder
5 Marilyn French
5.1 Sees the play as showing the victory of masculine over the feminine
5.2 At the end of the play there is a 'totally masculine world'
5.3 Males problems are solved by the elimination of females
6 Germaine Greer
6.1 'Macbeth's vulnerability to the witches is not caused by excessive superstition on his part, but by corrupt desire which moves him to take a false step: he misinterprets the fact that two of their predictions have come true'
6.2 'Macbeth is damnable because he is a hero'
6.3 'His self-delusion is wilful'
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