Why did the Weimar Republic fail by 1933?

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Essay plan on fall of Weimar 1933 Information taken from: http://www.breadalbane.pkc.sch.uk/dept/History/Fall%20of%20Weimar.pdf

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Why did the Weimar Republic fail by 1933?
1 Inevitable because of the circumstances of 1918-19
1.1 Unemployment
1.2 Treaty of Versailles
1.3 Communist and Right Wing Threats
2 Appeal of Hitler and the Nazis
2.1 Link to economic problems and Versailles
2.2 Hitler as an orator
2.3 Goebbels and Hugenburg
2.4 Intimidation
3 Weaknesses of the constitution
3.1 Proportional representation
3.2 Article 48
4 Weaknesses of the existing Political Parties
4.1 SPD
4.2 Liberals
4.3 Conservatives
4.4 Communists
5 Survival of the Traditional ruling Class
5.1 Ebert/Groener Pact
5.2 Industrialists Prosper
5.3 Secret Rearmament
5.4 Conspiracy
6 Economic problems
6.1 War and Post War
6.2 Reparations
6.3 Inflation
6.4 Unsolved problems 1924-9
6.5 Depression
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