Prolonged use of mobile phones can have health implications. Give examples of these.

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Prolonged use of mobile phones can have health implications. Give examples of these.
1 Cancer
1.1 People are concerned that the radiation emitted by phones is causing cancer and various types of tumors.
2 Infertility
2.1 One study last year showed that males who kept their cell phones turned on while the phones were in their front pockets were likely to be reducing the quality of their sperm and therefore affecting their fertility.
3 Accidents
3.1 People who are talking on their cell phones are more likely to do dumb things like walk into oncoming traffic which poses a serious threat to your health!
3.2 One of the mobile phone health concerns and public safety concerns that actually does have a lot of validity to it is the link between the use of mobile phones and increased likelihood of accidents.
4 Cell Phone Elbow
4.1 One of the most recent health problems that mobile phones are accused of causing is cubital tunnel syndrome, a condition known more widely as “cell phone elbow“. Similar to carpal tunnel syndrome, it is apparently caused by the frequent and repetitive use of the cell phone. It is said that the frequent bending of your elbow to hold your mobile phone to your ear can affect a nerve in your arm that leads to tingling sensations and reduced use of your hands.
5 Sleep Disorders
5.1 Several studies have been conducted which look at the relationship between mobile phone use and sleep disorders. A recent study showed that those people who use their mobile phones shortly before going to bed will have a harder time unwinding and falling asleep than those people who put their phones away earlier in the day
6 Premature Aging
6.1 Using mobile phones might cause wrinkles and other signs of premature aging. An extensive fifteen-year study into short wave and microwave health impacts was the cause for the scare.
7 Mental Health
7.1 Some people have reported a number of different symptoms that indicate that mobile phones could be increasing our mental health problems. Decreased attention span, increased anxiety and memory loss are all problems that have been associated with increased mobile phone use.

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