Truman's policy of containment

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Truman's policy of containment
1 The Potsdam Conference (July 1945)
1.1 Truman distrusted Stalin and was determined to stand up to him.
1.1.1 Truman feared that the Soviets would attempt to take control of Eastern Europe. This was backed up by the fact that they had liberated many East European countries by this point, including Poland, Hungary, Bulgaria and Romania. However, the Red Army remained in these countries.
1.1.2 Truman wanted free elections in Eastern European countries occupied by Soviet troops. Stalin refused to submit to US pressure believing it was unwelcome interference. This led to Truman taking a tougher stance against the USSR.
1.1.3 Stalin wanted massive compensation that would have totally and permanently crippled Germany Truman disagreed as he saw a revived Germany as a barrier to possible future Soviet expansion
2 George Kennan & The Long Telegram
2.1 Kennan was the Deputy Chief of Mission in the US Embassy in Moscow - this telegram gave a detailed report of Soviet motives.
2.1.1 Sovet motives stated by Kennan were: Soviet policy was a continuation of hostility to the outside world The USSR would use every possible method to smash democracy in the Western world. The Soviet leaders were fanatics that could not be trusted. The Soviet government were determined to expand and must be stopped He developed the idea of CONTAINMENT
3 The Truman Doctrine
3.1 12th March 1947 Truman made a speech to Congress - this became known as the Truman Doctrine
3.1.1 Stated it was the policy of the US ‘to support free people who are resisting attempted subjugation by armed minorities or by outside pressures’
3.2 The US accepted that Eastern Europe was now largely Communist - the aim was now to stop more countries from becoming Communist.
4 The Marshall Plan
4.1 This was an economic extension of the Truman Doctrine.
4.1.1 It was devised by George Marshall
4.1.2 It was officially called the European Recovery Programme
4.1.3 The recovery of the European economies meant there would be a market for American goods.
4.1.4 The US feared that economic distress in countries such as Britain, France and Italy would push these states towards communism The USSR responded by establishing COMINFORM & COMECON
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