English Paper 2 Exam Technique

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English Paper 2 Exam Technique
1 A. Introduction
1.1 Unnecessary but shows focus.
1.2 Should only consist of a couple sentences.
1.3 Show you understand the question and include a thesis in response to it.
1.3.1 Mention all the poets and poems you will be talking about.
1.3.2 Answer the question DIRECTLY and in a focused way.
2 B. Structuring paragraphs
2.1 1. Topic sentence
2.1.1 Tell reader what the focus of the paragraph will be as CLEARLY and in as FEW WORDS as possible.
2.1.2 Make sure it directly addresses the question.
2.1.3 Essentially you are summarising the content of your paragraph.
2.2 2. Second sentence
2.2.1 Should include your first piece of evidence. Quotes should be as brief as possible.
2.3 3. Next few sentences
2.3.1 Write about the poet's choices of language, structure and form.
2.3.2 Quote individual words to back up what you write.
2.3.3 It's pretty crucial to use technical language.
2.4 4. Next section
2.4.1 This is where you compare with another text.
2.4.2 Should only be one or two sentences.
2.4.3 Should use a linking word/phrase. e.g. "however", "on the other hand", "contrast", "ALTERNATIVELY", "IN A SIMILAR VEIN".
2.5 5. Repeat points 2. and 3.
2.6 6. Ending sentence
2.6.1 Good to refer back to topic sentence.
2.6.2 Ending sentence may be unnecessary ONLY if the whole paragraph has remained 100% focussed.
3 C. Conclusion
3.1 Should be about as long as the introduction.
3.2 Must NOT summarise the essay.
3.3 Say who was more effective at blah blah.
3.4 Should return to thesis of introduction and prove to examiner that you have answered the question effectively.
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