Topic 1 "Introduction to Mark's Gospel"

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Topic 1 "Introduction to Mark's Gospel"
1 Wat does the word gospel mean ?
1.1 Gospel means "good news". Mark wrote his gospel to spread the good news about Jesus
2 Inspiration
2.1 God, Hoy Spirit, Gospel writer "Mark"
3 Who was Mark ?
3.1 We cannot absolutely tell who Mark was.
3.1.1 - He could have been a Mark who Peter mentioned in his first letter.
3.1.2 - He could been the young man that weared nothing but a linen cloth in the garden of Gethsemane trying to escape.
3.1.3 - He could have been a companion of Paul and Barnabas on a missionary journeys.
3.1.4 - A John Mark of Jerusalem, who's mothers place became a meeting place of leaders.
4 What sources did Mark use ?
4.1 Persolan Experience
4.2 Matthew Gospel
4.2.1 Oral Tradition
4.3 Eye witness accounts
4.4 Paul and Barnabas
4.5 Divine Inspiration
4.6 Ur Markus
5 Reasons for writing the gospel
5.1 Persecution
5.2 The loss of eye witnessness
5.3 The identity of Jesus
5.4 Jesus' death and resurrection
5.5 The threat of Heresy
5.6 Delay of second coming (Parousia)
5.7 Discipleship and the Kingdom of God
6 Why were Christians unpopular ?
6.1 Antisocial
6.2 Immoral
6.3 A threat to the economy
6.4 A threat to social and political stability
7 Is Mark's gospel relevant for Christians today ?
7.1 For
7.1.1 Mark's Gospel spread the good news about Jesus which will always be relevant for Christians.
7.1.2 Many Christians are still persecuted in the world today. They might find supports in Mark's gospel.
7.1.3 Christians believe that if they base their lives on gospel they will receive salvation.
7.2 Against
7.2.1 It was writen over 2'000 years ago so it is outdated.
7.2.2 It does not deal with issues facing Christians today e.g. IVF
7.2.3 Today's society is materialistic.
8 Calming of th Storm
8.1 Jesus took with him his disciples. Other boats were there. Jesus was sleeping and then the storm arose. His disciples went to wake him up and said "Teacher, do you not care that we are about to drown ?" Jesus got up and said to the waves and the sea "Be quiet! Be still!" and they immediately it was still and quiet. Then Jesus turned to his disciples and said "Why are you afraid? Have you still not faith?" They were teriffied and amazed and the asked each other "Who is he that even the sea and the wind obey him?"
9 Political gropus in Palastine
9.1 Zealets
9.2 Herodians
10 Religious situations in Palastine
10.1 The Sadducess
10.2 The Scribes
10.3 The Pharises
10.4 The Sanhedrin
11 Arameic words
11.1 "Eloi, Eloi lama sabachtane -- My God, myy God why have you forsaken me?"
11.2 "Talitha Koom -- Little girl, I tell you get up!"

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