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Nadia Oliveira
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Mind Map on IN / AT / ON, created by Nadia Oliveira on 05/02/2014.

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Nadia Oliveira
Created by Nadia Oliveira over 5 years ago
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IN / AT / ON
1 IN
1.1 Long periods; months; years
1.1.1 I was born in 1987
1.1.2 I'm gonna go to Nederland in January
1.2 Biggest places
1.2.1 I wann live in Nederland
1.3 Periods of the day
1.3.1 In the morning
2 AT
2.1 Hours; specific times
2.1.1 I'm gonna go out at 4 o'clock
2.1.2 Att noon/ At night/ At lunchtime
2.2 Specific places
2.2.1 I'm at home
2.3 Especial dates
2.3.1 At Cristmas/ At Easter
3 ON
3.1 Days of the week, specific dates; holiday; birthday
3.1.1 On friday I'm in love
3.1.2 My birthday is on May 14th
3.1.3 On Christma's Day I wanna gifts
3.1.4 I don't want to do something on my birthday
3.2 Over something
3.2.1 The book is on the table

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