The Kingdom of God

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The Kingdom of God
1 The nature of discipleship
1.1 Require immediate response
1.2 Includes fulfilling a mission
1.3 Involves a cost or price to pay
1.4 Requires putting self last and serving others. (Be altrouistic - unselfish)
1.5 It is not easy
1.6 Self Sacrifice (Total dependence on God)
1.7 Helps the Kingdom of God to grow
1.8 It will be rewarded
2 Stories related to naure of discipleship
2.1 "The call of the discipleship"
2.2 "The mission of the twelve"
2.3 "The cost of the discipleship"
2.4 "Teaching on service"
2.5 "The rich young man" and "Woman at the treasury"
2.6 "The mustard seed"
2.7 "The reward of discipleship"
2.8 "Peter's promises and denials"
3 Modern Day Disciples
3.1 Pope Benedict 16:- Pope is in some way disciple as he has a mission.
3.2 Mother Teressa:- She had been made sin. She had been a disciple.
3.3 Maximilian Kolbe:- He put himself last. Sacrafice himself for another young man that was mean to die for the escaped prisoner.
3.4 John Paul II:- He was a Polish Pope and helped and supported people until his death.
4 The Parable of the Mustard seed.
4.1 This parable teaches that from a tiny beginning of the Kingdom grows to be vast and open to all.
5 The Parable of the Sower Seed
5.1 The farmer scatter the seed because it is the word of God.
5.2 The seed on the path is eaten by birds because the listeners does not respond or is tempted away by Satan so it is wasted.
5.3 The seed on the rocky ground cannot grow deep roots so it wither because the listeners enhusiasm was killed off by persecution and other troubles.
5.4 The seed on the thomy ground is chocked by wheeds because listeners response is stifled by materialism.
5.5 The seed on fertilie ground grows large and produce bumper harvest because the listeners has a positive response in belief and action.
6 Why did Jesus used parables to teach ?
6.1 For people to remember it easier and find the hidden meaning behind each parable.
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