Hitler Youth

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Hitler Youth
1 Hitler knew loyalty from the young were needed for the Nazis to remain strong
2 Hitler Youth
2.1 Boys aged 14 and upwards were recruited
2.2 compulsory in March 1939
2.3 military style uniforms
2.4 took part in physical activity - very competitive to impress the Fuhrer
2.5 trained to become soldiers
2.6 had ideals forced into them till they repeated them with passion
2.7 told to report anyone who talked bad of the Nazis
3 League of German Maidens
3.1 14+
3.2 domestic skills like sewing
3.3 wives and mothers
3.4 honour to produce large families for Germany
3.5 taught subjects like cooking in school and how to choose the right 'Aryan' husband
3.6 marched in parades, physically fit
3.7 30% increase of births in 6yrs
3.8 encouraged not to diet as it affects chilld birth, long hair flats and no make up, children church and cooking,
3.9 Belief and Beauty gave oppurtunities for further education , League encouraged rebellion against parents
4 Education
4.1 Nazi propaganda - Jews banned from teaching
4.2 Joined Nazi Teachers Association and trained Nazi methods
4.2.1 children reported teachers who didnt use them
4.3 subjects like biology and history rewritten to present Nazi ideals and make Germany sound superior
4.4 Anti-Semitism spread and children were told WW1 was lost bc of communists and jews
4.5 P.E more important for boys who played war games with live ammunition
4.6 Universities - Jewish books burned by students, lecturers sacked
4.7 schools set up to look for future leaders, ex-SS members were teachers, idolized Aryan races like the Nordic, ideal was to produce race conscious Germans who would die for their Fuhrer, portrait standard feature of classrooms, textbooks written with anti-semetist problems and german economy related questions
5 Nazis broke up all other groups by 1939 except Catholics which broke up that year
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