Human Impacts on the Arctic

David Pinto
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Geography Mind Map on Human Impacts on the Arctic, created by David Pinto on 03/22/2017.
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Human Impacts on the Arctic
1 scientific research
1.1 Captain Scott was the first researcher
1.2 clean atmosphere helps astronomic research
1.3 much geological research is carried out
1.4 gases caught in ice
1.4.1 give information of past climates
1.5 costs $1m a year to sustain a scientist
1.5.1 through grants
2 indigenous people
2.1 4,000,000 people live in the arctic
2.1.1 400,000 of them are indigenous
2.2 A few cities
2.2.1 Murmask
2.2.2 Trosmo
2.2.3 Norilsk
2.3 groups
2.3.1 Saami
2.3.2 Inuit
2.3.3 Yupik
2.3.4 Aleut
2.3.5 Nenet
3 tourism
4 fishing
4.1 waters provide 70% of white fish
4.2 rich marine biological diversity
4.3 there is some illegal fishing
4.4 overfishing is predicted to happen
5 whaling
5.1 South Georgia whaling station
5.2 moratorium since 1987 bans whaling
5.3 Japan
5.3.1 continues to whale they claim for research
5.3.2 caught 300 minke whales in 2014
5.4 Iceland and Norway
6 mineral exploitation
6.1 oil first discovered in 1960
6.1.1 Purdhoe Bay, Alaska
6.2 difficult to transport resources
6.2.1 mountains and earthquakes
6.3 Exxon Valdez
6.3.1 oil spill in 1989 legal battles still continue travelled more than 600 miles from the origin
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