Religion (medical ethics)

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Key words about abortion and fertility treatment.

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Religion (medical ethics)
1 Abortion
1.1 Catholics
1.1.1 NOT OKAY! Trying to play God > he is the only one who should decide who has children> goes against God's plan.
1.2 Anglicans (Church of England)
1.2.1 OKAY SOMETIMES. If the mother has been raped or harm will come to her due to having this baby, she can have an abortion. If the child will be severely disabled or will have an unhappy life, it is OK. MUST BE A GOOD REASON!
2 Fertility treatment
2.1 Catholics
2.1.1 NOT OKAY! God is the only one who decides who gets life and who should have a baby "God closed Hannah's womb" Trying to become God and use his powers A baby should be God's gift, if he doesn't want you to have it then you shouldn't
2.2 Anglicans (C of E)
2.2.1 OKAY WITH SOME TYPES "go forth and multiply" Donations=NOT OK!> Cheating/ confusion for child IVF= OK> using biological parents egg and sperm
3 Euthanasia
3.1 Catholics
3.1.1 NOT OKAY! God decides when someone dies considered as MURDER giving up on the person HOSPICE is a lot better for whole family
3.2 Anglicans (C of E)
3.2.1 SOMETIMES OKAY If they are terminally I'll and have NO CHANCE OF RECOVERY then they're allowed off life support HOWEVER, a hospice is a better way> happy end of life> not giving up on them> painless death
4 Medical testing
4.1 Catholics
4.1.1 NOT OKAY! animal cruelty God created all life not for them to be uses by humans
4.2 Anglicans (C of E)
4.2.1 NOT OKAY WITH MOST! if testing is used to help save human lives and the animals are treated well> OK if testing is used for cosmetics or animals treated cruelly> NOT OK
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