Things I Know To Be True -practical skills-

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Things I Know To Be True -practical skills-
1 Vocab
1.1 facial expressions
1.2 gait
1.3 eye contact
1.4 proxemics
1.5 stage space
1.6 timing
1.7 movement
1.8 posture
1.9 pace
1.10 physical appearance
1.10.1 height
1.10.2 facial features
1.10.3 facial hair
1.10.4 facial accessories: eg, glasses?
1.10.5 gender
1.10.6 eye
1.10.7 skin colour
1.10.8 freckle
1.10.9 weight
1.10.10 age
2 physical appearance
2.1 BOB
2.1.1 the actor playing Bob would have to be an older man with grey hair and looks around the age of 70
2.2 FRAN
2.2.1 i would want the actress for fran to be slim, with white hair and obviously looking old because she is the mother of four adult children now.
2.3 MARK
2.3.1 I would want the actor for mark to be quite tall and with quite a manly build because we want to see the significance of his gender transition when he becomes a woman.
2.4 BEN
2.4.1 I would want Ben to look more like a fancy business man who looks after himself well
2.4.2 smart hair cut and smart facial hair.
2.5.1 Rosie would have to be quite small and look a lot younger than the rest of the characters. i would want the actress to be slim, pretty and have qite a child-like body still.
2.6 PIP
2.6.1 I would want the actress for pip to have dark ahir and have a natural tired look about her
3 Communicating relationships
3.1 Pip and fran in there argument
3.1.1 pip has an aggressive gait as she is walking away from fran this shows that pip is disappointed with Fran and is also quite angry at her because she hasn't done anything wrong but Fran doesn't treat her fairly. in contrast to the relationships that fran has with the others, especially with Ben. Fran stays still with neutral body language to show that she isn't reactant which shows that she doesn't have as much of a connection with pip.
3.1.2 pip doesn't look fran in the face (no eye contact) suggests isolation on both parts fran isolated pips feelings and so is the reason for the argument, bur now that she is older, she is now isolating frans feelings/ support.
3.2 When Rosie's siblings lift her up during her monologue.
3.2.1 this actually shows us that rosie has a great support network from her siblings because they are lifting her up in her time where she needed it.
3.2.2 during her monologue where she is talking about her trip going wrong, we see her siblings lift her. however, we only see her being lifted because the lights focus on her and not the support beneath her.
3.2.3 this scene reflects the idea of after any negative situation, the siblings will always come together to help and support them thorugh everything that happens. this also mirrors with the ending when their mum, Fran dies and they all actually come back together to support each other in this hard time, which is even more life changing than the other problematic situations that have occurred constantly throughout the play.
3.3 fran and Bob dancing
3.3.1 towards the end of the production, after all of the drama has occurred, we see Fran and bob, alone centre stage dancing with each other.
3.3.2 this moment was extremely powerful because it shows that after all of the conflict that the couple have had throughout the production, they still come together and show each other love and affection.
3.3.3 Bob also lifts fran in this scene. this shows the imagery of bob wanting to care for fran and that he wants to support her even after everything that has happened early in the production.
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