Food Technology- Health (specification)


As and GCSE revision on health
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Food Technology- Health (specification)
  1. Factors and concerns
    1. Obesity
      1. lifestyle choices
        1. over calorie intake
          1. lack of physical activity
            1. genetics
              1. health problems
              2. diabetes
                1. not enough insulin produced to convert glucose
                  1. Obesity
                    1. high sugar levels
                    2. heart disease
                      1. too much cholesterol
                        1. obesity
                          1. smoking
                            1. lack of exercise
                            2. dental cavities
                              1. too much sugar in diet
                                1. smoking
                                  1. lack of vitamin C and calcium
                                    1. genetics
                                    2. excess salt consumption
                                      1. cholesterol problems
                                        1. upsets nutrient balance in the blood
                                          1. increased blood pressure
                                          2. excess fat consumption
                                            1. obesity
                                              1. blocked arteries
                                                1. difficulty to exercise
                                              2. Health Promotion
                                                1. Nutritional theories
                                                  1. traffic light
                                                    1. no trans fat
                                                      1. water intake
                                                        1. RDA
                                                          1. reduce: FAT SUGAR SALT
                                                            1. five a day
                                                              1. Fit4Life
                                                                1. health of the nation
                                                                  1. COMA
                                                                    1. weight watches
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