Matters of life

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Evangeline Taylor
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Matters of life
1 Why is life special?
1.1 Sanctity of life
1.1.1 Life is precious because it is God-given
1.2 Value of life
1.2.1 The value of a person over and above the physical value
1.3 Quality of life
1.3.1 A measurement of fulfilment
2 Medical techiques
2.1 Transplant surgery - someone else organ put in another person
2.2 Blood transfusions - when a patient is given extra blood as part of an operation
3 Christain views:
3.1 'Do not murder'
3.2 'I knew before you were born'
4 Buddhist views:
4.1 Eight fold path
4.2 1st precept 'I will not harm any living thing'
4.3 Donating sperm ect could be seen as 'metta' - loving kindness
5 Fertillity Issues
5.1 IVF
5.1.1 In vitro fertilization
5.2 Artificial Insemination
5.2.1 The medical or veterinary procedure of injecting semen into the vagina or uterus.
5.3 AIH
5.3.1 Artificial Insemination by Husband
5.4 AID
5.4.1 Artificial Insemination by Donor.

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