Life Of Galileo

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Life Of Galileo
1 Prompt
1.1 Explicit or Implicit
1.2 Respond to the ideas of the prompt
1.3 Stimulates idea
1.4 Crucial Ingredients
1.4.1 1. Quality of Writing Show 'voice' within your writing Choose best style for you
1.4.2 2. Quality of Ideas
1.4.3 3. Dealing of addressing with the prompt Have to relate to the prompt
1.5 Statement of Intention
1.5.1 FLAPC Form Language "the language i will be utilising will be in... Audience Purpose "my purpose is to show..." Context "Ill be refering to Life of Galileo"
2 Writing
2.1 Hybrid
2.2 Style & Form
2.2.1 Persuasive Feature Article Opinion Piece Dialoge Speech Radio Transcript Monologe VCE Handbook
2.2.2 Expository Feature Article Radio Transcript Letter Research Project Interview Autobiography Expo Speech Biography Play
2.2.3 Creative Short Story Scripts Diary Entry Poetry
3 Text
3.1 Emotions VS Reason
3.2 Truth VS Deception
3.3 Faith VS Scientific Proof
3.4 Freedom VS Authority
3.5 Church VS Science
3.6 Intra VS Inter
3.7 Old VS New
4 Context
4.1 Encountering Conflict
4.1.1 Life of Galileo
4.1.2 Paradise Road
4.1.3 Cause Response Consequences Resolution Productive or Destructive? Clash Ideologies Politics Religious LOG Personal Politial Moral
4.2 Extra-Personal Conflict
4.2.1 Societal / Conflict
4.2.2 Geographical Level Local International National
4.3 Inter-Personal Conflict
4.3.1 With Other People
4.4 Intra-Personal Conflict
4.4.1 Self / Inner
4.5 Causes
4.5.1 Views & Values Power
4.6 Religions
4.6.1 Economic Political Social

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