A Christmas Carol

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Created by finlaybloodworth over 5 years ago
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A Christmas Carol
1 Scrooge
1.1 Scrooge is opposed to what Christmas should be like.
1.1.1 Greed
1.1.2 Selfishness
1.1.3 Lack of good will
1.2 Rich
1.3 Opposes the poor
1.4 Doesn't help the poor
2 Christmas morals associated with Christmas.
2.1 Genorosity
2.2 Kindness
2.3 Universal love for the community
3 Dickens
3.1 Wants to illustrate how self-serving, insensitive people can be converted charitable caring members of society
3.2 Not working class but not poor
4 Spirits
4.1 Past
4.1.1 Shows Scrooges past, what he had.
4.2 Present
4.2.1 Shows Scrooge how other people spend their Christmas.
4.3 Future
4.3.1 Shows Scrooge what could happen to him.
5 Ghost of Marley
5.1 Scrooge's old partner.
5.2 Shows Scrooge what he could end up like
6 The Cratchits
6.1 Poor
6.2 Bob Cratchit
6.2.1 Works for Scrooge
6.3 Tiny tim
6.3.1 Weak child
6.4 A lot of Christmas spirit

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