Succes and failures In China

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Created by skipper_jack over 5 years ago
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Succes and failures In China
1 Local knowladge/Understanding the market
1.1 The Chinese market is changing quickly and many of the companies are learning to keep up.
1.1.1 go in with a fully researched understanding of the behaviours of consumers. Nike is developing products around Chinese habits and sports, which it then plans to sell in other markets.
1.2 Starbucks drew in Chinese consumers by offering green tea on their menu, and then allowing them to try coffee, resulting in huge successes.
1.2.1 saw a 30% year-over-year jump in revenues from its Asia-Pacific region This has allowed starbucks to grow majorly
1.3 Joint ventures can help understand and penertrate the market
1.3.1 Tesco and CRE example can be brought in here
1.4 The irony of Barbie's failure in China is that Barbie, the doll, was actually fairly popular. The problem was that Barbie, the brand, was not.
1.4.1 Mattel even launched a localized doll, Ling, to appeal to Chinese consumers Instead of focusing on children's dolls, Mattel assumed that Chinese consumers would want a whole range of pricey Barbie-themed clothing, foods, and goods. By the time Mattel realized its mistake, the store was bleeding money. In 2011, the House of Barbie closed after only being open for 2 years
2 Government polocies

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