Food Technology- Social Factors (Specification)

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As and GCSE revision social factors and food

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Food Technology- Social Factors (Specification)
1 Family patterns
1.1 Specific meal time plans
1.2 wastage and left-overs
1.3 meal time rules
1.4 eating together (Tv or table)
1.5 What time dinner is
1.6 number of meals and snacks
1.7 easy to cook foods, or prepared foods
2 Family life-cycle
2.1 as you become older your body needs specific nutrients and portion sizes
2.2 accesability to food
2.3 snacks and number of meals alter
3 changes in family composition
3.1 single parent families
3.1.1 less money
3.1.2 less time for cooking
3.2 large numbers of children
3.2.1 less money on food per induvidual
3.2.2 larger scale cooking
3.2.3 difficulty with time
3.3 age variation between siblings
3.3.1 different portion sizes
3.3.2 nutrient requirements
4 culture
4.1 Religon
4.1.1 Jewish Kosher meat no pork
4.1.2 islamic hallal
4.2 Devloping countries
4.2.1 rice and meat based dishes
4.2.2 similar foods with low nutrient value
4.2.3 Prone to defficency diseases
4.3 western countries
4.3.1 starch based diets
4.3.2 high levels of NSP
5 economics
5.1 High Income
5.1.1 larger variety and food choice
5.1.2 balance of nutrients in the diet
5.2 low income
5.2.1 Less disposable income
5.2.2 deprivation
5.2.3 cheaper option- ready meals high in fat/sugar obesity
5.2.4 snacking
6 work and non-work patterns
6.1 Meal times are altered, causing stomach to not be prepared
6.2 what sort meal
6.2.1 ready meal
6.2.2 freshly prepared
6.3 eating quick meals at work
6.4 grazing and snacking when there is no work
7 leisure
7.1 Protein diets
7.2 lack of leisure leads to obesity
7.3 increased calorie uptake
7.4 Proffessionals have specific meal plans
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