Martin Luther King Junior

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Martin Luther King Junior
1 Jan 15th 1929 - April 4th 1968
2 Civil Rights Activist
2.1 No violence: even when police and others were violent towards the protestors
2.2 Led marches and peaceful protests
2.2.1 Opposed to Vietnam war
2.2.2 President of Southern Christian Leadership Conference
2.2.3 helped poor not just blacks and whites
2.3 Led the Bus Boycott in Montgomery Alabama which was successful in intergrating buses
2.3.1 started through Rosa Parks not letting white man take her seat
2.4 Belief of non violence inspired by Gandhi and by visit to New Delhi
2.5 Youngest recipient of Nobel Peace Prize
2.6 Experience of Racism as a child: shop assistant could not serve them at the seats they were sitting because of colour of skin, the man and child walked out
2.7 I have a Dream Speech: August 28th 1963 at Lincoln Memorial
2.7.1 200 000 gathered
2.8 failed in his drive against racial discrimination in Chicago
2.8.1 Futile in battle against desegregation in Public Parks in Albany Seeked Help janitors, hospital workers and pacifist intellectuals: unsuccesful
2.9 House bombed by Klu Klux Klan in 1964
2.10 Arrested for first time in 1964 through Bus Protests
2.11 Birmingham Alabama protests for fair hiring and dapartment store desegration, when savage police response yet Martin Luther King still continued with non violence
2.11.1 they know how to react to violence, but not non-violence
3 Life
3.1 Born at Atlanta Georgia
3.1.1 Born into Southern, Black Religious Family he moved to Alabama Montgomery
3.1.2 South of US more Racist than the North
3.2 Father was a minister, than Martin became a minister too in 1950's
3.3 Married Coretta in 1953 and had children
3.4 Assassinated in Memphis on a hotel balcony by a Sniper.
3.4.1 died a martyr
3.5 MLKJ was a christian and believed in equality, love and peace
3.6 his views and words still ring true today: show importance of love and peace and how to treat everyone
3.6.1 teach, peace, love and equality throughout the world. Believed in justice and teaches us still today non violence and how to steer the world away form harm
3.6.2 granting of freedom
4 Christian Beliefs
4.1 Love thy Neighbor
4.2 Jesus did not discriminate against anyone: he even healed a Roman girl, who was different race, status and religion
4.3 Commandment: do not kill
4.4 "if someone hits your right cheek, show him your left" - Bible
4.5 God accepts all, space in heaven for all types of people
4.6 Blessed are the peacemakers, they are the sons of God
4.7 "all who live by the sword, perish by the sword"

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