War of Independence #2

Charlotte Webber
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Charlotte Webber
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Relations with the American Colonies & the War of Independence c1740-89 Mind Map on War of Independence #2, created by Charlotte Webber on 05/12/2013.

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War of Independence #2
1 Leadership: George Washington
1.1 learned all soldiery skills from fighting in 7 Year War
1.2 logistics
1.3 initiatives to win victories at Trenton and Princeton
2 Why America won
2.1 Great leadership from washington
2.2 Saratoga key turning point
2.2.1 Burgoyne was defeated encouraged French to support them
2.3 They had a reason for fighting
2.3.1 Liberty, equality and independence
2.3.2 had fundamental interests that Britain didn't have
2.4 had clear war aims
2.4.1 gain foreign support, keep army intact, winning independence
2.5 many soldiers weren't trained and educated
2.6 suffered shortage of food and ammunition
2.7 no government to enforce wartime laws
3 Why Britain Lost
3.1 weren't used to fighting in woods and mountains
3.2 poor generalship
3.2.1 How failed to root washingtons army after battle of Brooklyn
3.3 distance for supplies was too long
3.3.1 get attacked by French and Spanish
3.4 didn't use their navy to its advantage
3.5 but were well trained
3.6 strong government with strong economy
3.7 had some support from Americans and loyalists
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