How does technology improve peoples health and well-being?

Amy Cavill
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GCSE Health and safety in ICT Mind Map on How does technology improve peoples health and well-being?, created by Amy Cavill on 05/13/2013.

Amy Cavill
Created by Amy Cavill over 6 years ago
Amy Cavill
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Amy Cavill
How does technology improve peoples health and well-being?
1 Laser eye surgery
1.1 Without technology we wouldn't be able to do lazer eye surgery.
2 Pacemaker
2.1 Technology meant devices like this have been made, it helps to improve peoples health by making them live longer.
3 Digital hearing aids
3.1 Digital hearing aids use technology which enables people to be able to listen clearly and better,
4 Helps patients to communicate with doctors.
5 Links doctors with other doctors

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