Caste Oppression:

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Caste oppression in the independence struglgle

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Caste Oppression:
1 Gandhi
1.1 seen as the figurehead for the fight for independence, linked to INC. seen by peasants as godlike. hugely popular, raised support for several INC movements such as the non-cooperation movement and civil disobedience movement
1.2 The untouchables should not have separate electorates
1.2.1 it would damage Hinduism as the untouchables are Hindu
1.2.2 any reform will come because those who oppress will realise it is wrong and reform their own conduct
1.2.3 Harijan: sins of the upper class: solution could only ever be a matter of the individual conscience
1.3 dont ned laws if everyone is striving for good conduct constantly
1.4 caste cannot be abolished, it is religion, not institution. If abandoned people will not listen.
2 Ambedkar
2.1 indian jurist, politician, philosopher. Belonged to the Mahar caste: treated as untouchables and socio-economic discrimination.
2.2 1897 moved to Bombay. only untouchables enrolled in Elphinstone High School, Degree in Economics and political science.
2.3 1913, moved to US. PhD in Economics in 1917.
2.4 Fights for seperate electorate
2.5 wanted separation and recognition for this in the constitution and seats in all government- legislature and executive.
2.6 Joint electorate? Hindus are majority, so never a representative who will serve the untouchables interests
2.7 if not given separate electorate and representations the political situation of the untouchables will never change - rigid not fluid.
2.8 Hindus maintain the oppression of the untouchables. Want control over their lives.
2.9 if society is ineuqual and divided, our politics and constitution should be too
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