1800-1900 Australian History

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1800-1900 Australian History
1 Early Settlers
1.1 During the first decade of the 18th century a struggle for power took place
1.2 In the 1800 Early Settlers new little about Australias coast .
2 Impact On Aboriginals
2.1 The Aboriginals were pushed out of their land.
2.2 Lots of Aboriginals were killed.
2.3 Aboriginals homes got destroyed.
2.4 Aboriginals were sent to Rottnest and used as servants.
3 Migrants
3.1 Migrants came from every where but mainly China,Canada,New Zealand,England,Ireland Germany and France.
4 Gold Rush
4.1 The population on gold the fields in 1854 was 40,000.
4.2 Population in Australia around 1854 was almost 300,000.
4.3 Eureaka stockade
4.3.1 In 1854 on the 30th of November over 300 miners gathered for the seccond burning of licences.
5 Convicts
5.1 The Australian convicts built the Fremantle prison in 1859.
5.2 many convicts were sentenced to deportation for minor crimes.
5.3 Many of Australia's old buildings were built by convicts.
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