Summary: How did Germany emerge from WW1?

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Very brief overview of the main points you need to remember as to how Germany emerged after WW1 for the GCSE exam on the Germany Depth Study

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Summary: How did Germany emerge from WW1?
1 Germany was in chaos after WWI
1.1 food shortages and other problems caused by the war = mutinies, strikes and protests
2 Kaiser abdicated, Germany became a republic
3 Armistice signed by "November Criminals" on the 11th of Nov. 1918 - German surrender
4 Spartacist Uprising, defeated by the Freikorps
5 Weimar Republic formed. It was a true democracy with some weaknesses
5.1 Article 48 ("the suicide clause") and proportional would later contribute to the Republic's collapse
5.1.1 Helped by Hitler, too, who exploited these problems
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