European Mind in the 20th century:

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European Mind in the 20th century:
1.1 'SDB was too much of an existentialist to be a feminist.' Discuss.
1.1.1 Must one ultimately choose between feminism and existentialism?
1.1.2 Is Beauvoir's feminism an example of bad faith?
1.2 'The development of science has rendered The Second Sex obsolete.' Discuss.
1.2.1 Does it really matter for feminism if there are naturally different M/F brains?
1.3 Was Beauvoir a feminist, or an anti-feminist, or neither?
1.3.1 'Beauvoir was not really a feminist.' Discuss.
1.3.2 'Beauvoir wasn't the first feminist, she was the last misogynist.' Discuss.
1.3.3 Assess the criticisms made of SDB by 'difference' feminists.
1.4 'Why read The Second Sex? It's out-of-date, male-identified and just Sartrean anyway.' How fair is this observation?
1.5 'For Beauvoir, no woman who wishes to live a fully human life would choose to be a wife and a mother.' Discuss.
1.5.1 What is 'feminine' about SDB's feminism?
2.1 Why Fight?
2.1.1 Does Foucault have a convincing reply to this question?
2.2 Is Foucault's analysis of modernity descriptive, prescriptive, both, or neither?
2.2.1 'Foucault didn't just describe the modern age, he judged it too'. Discuss.
2.3 Assess Foucault's claim that 'truth isn't outside power'.
2.3.1 Is this theory coherent?
2.3.2 Is postmodernism self-refuting?
2.4 Is Foucault a nihilist?
3.1 Is existentialism a philosophy of optimism, pessimism, both or neither?
3.1.1 Is Sartrean existentialism nihilistic?
3.2 Is 'Sartrean ethics' a contradiction in terms?
3.2.1 Does Being and Nothingness have any ethical implications?
3.2.2 Can any ethical prescriptions be derived from existentialism?
3.3 'Bad faith is a lie to oneself.' Is this possible in the absence of any unconscious?
3.3.1 What, for Sartre, is bad about bad faith?
3.4 Assess Sartre's claim that 'we are wholly and forever free'.
3.4.1 Is Sartre right that we are 'condemned to be free'?
3.5 Sartre denies that the unconscious exists yet says that we can be deluded about ourselves (bad faith). This proves the he is inconsistent. Discuss.
4.1 'All psychoanalysis systematically rejects the idea of choice... and therein lies the intrinsic weakness of the system.' Discuss.
4.1.1 Has Freudian psychoanalysis been refuted?
4.2 What, according to Freud, is the goal of psychoanalysis?
4.2.1 What is the point of psychoanalytical therapy?
4.3 If Freudian psychoanalysis revolutionary or conservative, or both?
4.4 Is Freud's account of repression coherent?
4.5 Was Freud sexist?
4.6 'The intention that man should be happy is not in the plan of Creation.' Discuss.
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