Coraline:Final battle scene

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Created by carolfrankiejacq over 5 years ago
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Coraline:Final battle scene
1 Filming techniques
1.1 Colour and lighting : In spider web scene : Black to represent evil and White to represent good.
1.1.1 It almost seems like if you fall from the black web, the white almost seems like nothing and you will fall in to nowhere
1.2 Camera angles : High camera angle from above of coralines head showing her climbing up the ladder.


1.2.1 As soon as coraline gets into the tunnel, its all green and as she is crawling away there is a camera angle where the door looks like its coming closer, but its not.
1.3 Dialougue : Coraline shouts alot at the other mother and the other mother (Beldam) has a kind of deep,scary voice
1.3.1 Other mother : in the web she does kind of a witchy cackling laugh
1.4 Sound and music : The sound and music in the background s quite loud and is like a tension creator. the musci makes the whole think very tense and makes you wonder whats gonna happen next!