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Useful for Y9 History Revision, contains stuff on JTR WW1 WW2 Atomic Bombings and Slavery

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History Revision
1 Jack The Ripper
1.1 How much were the police to blame?
1.1.1 To Blame. The Metropolitan Police and the City police didn't work together On the murder of Mary Jane Kelly, they entered thee room two hours later after sniffer dog confusion Didn't offer rewards for information Used ludicrous methods - Spiritualists, photos of dead womens' eyeballs.
1.1.2 Not to Blame. Limited Resources Tried different approaches. Heavily critisized by Royal family and Public
1.2 The consequences of the Ripper murders.
1.2.1 Charities were set up to help the East End
1.2.2 Socialists found more supporters
1.2.3 Government sped up slum house clearance.
1.2.4 Trade Unions were set up
2 Slave Trade
2.1 The Trade Triangle
2.1.1 British traders looking for resources to fund the Industrial Revolution, sail to Africa with ships loaded with guns, pots and pans and manufactured goods. At Africa they then, exchange the goods for slaves with African Tribe Leaders, the slaves are then packed on ships to go to America along the Middle Passage. At America, the British sell the slaves to work on plantations for sugar, cotton and other raw materials, then go back home.
2.2 Conditions on the Middle Passage and Plantations
2.2.1 Middle Passage No medecine , very little food , Tight Packaging (lying on their sides)
2.2.2 Plantations Horrific Punishments , Extreme Heat , Little exercise
3 WW1
3.1 Long Term Causes
3.1.1 Imperealism
3.1.2 Nationalism
3.1.3 Alliances
3.1.4 Militarism
3.2 Trench Conditions
3.2.1 Rats and Lice
3.2.2 Meagre Food
3.2.3 Constant Rain
4 The Atomic Bombings
4.1 Why?
4.1.1 Japanese Hatred from P. Harbour and POW Treatment
4.1.2 Heavy American Losses
4.1.3 Show USSR its power
4.1.4 Test the Expensive weapon
4.2 Justified?
4.2.1 Hell No! They bombed a city, not a military target Acted as if it were a present Didn't think about radioactive poisoning
4.2.2 Yep. America gave Japan a chance to surrender Starvation, Invasion Or Bomb. the Bomb seemed Ethically best. Scientists were threatened
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