How far did British society change 1939-1975 (Part 2)


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How far did British society change 1939-1975 (Part 2)
  1. The Beveridge report
    1. During WW2, William Beveridge researched how life in Britain could be improved, he identified 5 social plagues: squalor, ignorance, want, idleness, disease
      1. Beveridge suggested new principles Britain should be built on
        1. Universality - everyone eligible for benefits
          1. National system of insurance, all workers and employers pay into a scheme so no need or charity
            1. Family allowance or children
              1. Healthcare
              2. Implementation of Beveridge's recommendations
                1. July 1945, Labour government implemented these suggestions
                  1. Family Allowances Act 1945 - 5 shillings per week per child
                    1. National Insurance Act 1946 - benefits for any worker who was unemployed, injured or sick
                      1. National Health Service Act 1946 - free health care
                        1. Children Act 1948 - services et up to protect children
                          1. Housing Act 1949 - programme of building new houses to latest specifications
                          2. The National Health Service (NHS)
                            1. Created in 1948, 5 July
                              1. The most significant part of the welfare state
                                1. Labour Health Minister had to overcome conservative opposition in order to create NHS
                                2. Impact of NHS on people's lives
                                  1. British public very welcome to the availability to free medical care, demand exceeded all expectations
                                    1. Between 1948 and 1973, number of doctors doubled
                                      1. High quality maternity care available to women for first time
                                        1. Up until 1910, life expectancy of women was 45, 1970 it rose to 76
                                          1. Free child vaccinations significantly reduced death from common diseases
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