Art that conveys truth

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Created by lucy-hook over 6 years ago
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Art that conveys truth
1 art informs us about reality if it conveys some kind of knowledge or truth
1.1 Picasso's Guernica
1.1.1 shows horror of war, despite not depicting a war scene accurately
2 not a matter of accurate repsentation
2.1 aim of the artist is to convey their vision or personal interpretation of reality
3 alows for a distinction between value of an original and value of a forgery
3.1 a forgery is not an expression of an insight or truth
4 explains why we value unpleasant art
4.1 David's The Death of Marat
4.1.1 painted by the deceased friend to depict a social injustice and to outline a truth about the nature of life and death
5 represents the artist's vision and perspective of the world
5.1 Vecchio's A Blonde Woman
5.1.1 portrait of his ideal woman
6 encorporates epiphanic art
6.1 Dali's The Persistence of Memory
6.1.1 insight into the nature of dreams and time
7 does not exclude literature
7.1 1984 by George Orwell
7.1.1 conveys truths about nature of dictatorships
8 criticisms of the view
8.1 not all art expresses a vision or a truth
8.1.1 hyperrealist art Chuck Close's Mark
8.2 makes our appreciation of art too intellectual
8.2.1 we also value art for form and the emotions it creates within us
8.3 communication is not the true purpose of art
8.3.1 otherwise we would appreciate newspapers as we appreciate art

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