3.3 Meiosis

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3.3 Meiosis
  1. Nature of Science
    1. Meiosis was discovered by microscope examination of dividing germ-line cells
    2. Drawing Stages of Meiosis
      1. Interphase
        1. Prophase
          1. Metaphase
            1. Anaphase
              1. Telophase
                1. Cytokinesis
                2. Separation of pairs of homologous chromosomes in the 1st division of meiosis
                  1. From diploid (2n) to haploid (n)
                    1. It allows fusion of gametes
                3. Random orientation of pairs of homologous prior to separation
                4. Pairing of homologous chromosomes
                  1. Crossing over
                    1. Condensation
                5. DNA replication
                  1. Sister chromatids
              2. Karyotype
                1. Genetic counseling
                  1. Aim 8
                    1. Selective abortion of female fetuses in some countries
                    2. Non-disjunction
                      1. Down Syndrome
                        1. Age of parents
                          1. Other chromosome abnormalities
                        2. Chorionic villus vs amniocentesis
                          1. Risks
                        3. TOK
                          1. In 1922, the number of chromosomes counted in a human cell was 48
                            1. For what reasons do existing beliefs carry a certain inertia?
                          2. Genetic variation
                            1. Fusion of gametes
                              1. Crossing over
                                1. Random orientation
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