Struggle for control in the Balkans, 1905-14

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Struggle for control in the Balkans, 1905-14
1 Weakness of the Ottoman Empire (Turkey) was under pressure in the Balkans, it was struggling against the nationalistic movements and pressure from states with desire to press their influence in the region (e.g. Austria and Russia). Also Serbia wanted to expand its territory at the expense of others (inc Turkey).
2 Ambitions of Austria, Serbia and Russia in the Balkans: The weakness of the Ottoman Empire allowed other powers to expand their influence. The Austrians (having annexed Bosnia in 1908) wanted to limit the influence of the ‘Slavs’ as it could destabilise their empire (as it contained many slavs) and were also concerned about Russia’s intentions (they wanted an outlet in the med that wasn’t restricted) as they could drive Austria out of south-east Europe. Serbia (who had an alliance with Russia) actively wanted to drive Austria out of the Balkans
3 Austro-Serbian rivalry: the Bosnian Crisis (1908) was caused by Austria’s annexation of Bosnia as it was a direct challenge to Serbia and Turkey, also the Russians protested against the move. Germany gave its full support to Austria over the annexation causing Russia to back down
4 The Balkan wars (1912-13) provided the context for the growing strength of Serbia, they achieved considerable territorial gains (from Turkey after the first war in 1912 from the Treaty of London, and then from Bulgaria after the second in 1913 from the Treaty of Bucharest). Austria then intervened after Serbia tried to do the same to Albania threatening with outright war. The Balkan wars showed how unstable the Balkans really were
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