4.3 Carbon Cycling

Steve Harton
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DP IB Biology (04 Ecology) Mind Map on 4.3 Carbon Cycling, created by Steve Harton on 05/23/2014.

Steve Harton
Created by Steve Harton over 5 years ago
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4.3 Carbon Cycling
1 Nature of Science
1.1 Making accurate, quantitative measurements
1.1.1 Reliable data on the concentration of carbon dioxide and methane in the atmosphere
2 Aim 8
2.1 Diverting crops such as maize from a food to a fuel crop
3 Methane
3.1 Methanogenic archaeans produce methane from organic matter in anaerobic conditions
3.1.1 Diffuses in the atmosphere Oxidized to CO2 and water in the atmosphere
3.1.2 Accumulates in the ground Partially decomposed organic matter Coal Gas Oil Peat forms because of acidic or anaerobic conditions in waterlogged soils
4 Construct a diagram
4.1 CO2 is produced by cell respiration
4.1.1 CO2 diffuses Atmosphere Analysis of data from air monitoring stations to explain annual fluctuations Carbon fluxes should be measured in gigatonnes Water In aquatic ecosystems carbon is present as dissolved CO2 and hydrogen carbonate ions Reef-building corals and mollusca have hard parts Calcium carbonate Can become fossilized in limestone
4.2 Autotrophs convert CO2 into carbohydrates and other carbon compounds
4.3 CO2 is produced by the combustion of biomass and fossilized organic matter

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