Promoting Healthy Eating in Schools

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Promoting Healthy Eating in Schools
1 Eight Guidelines for a Healthy Diet
1.1 1. Base your meals on starchy foods
1.1.1 2. Eat lots of fruit and veg 3. Eat more fish 4. Cut down on saturated fat and sugar 5. Try to eat less salt – no more than 6g a day 6. Get active and try to be a healthy weight 7. Drink plenty of water 8. Don’t skip breakfast
2 Have daily 'specials'.
3 Vegetable and fruit pots for sale in vending machines.
4 Have 'free' fruit included with purchases at break and lunchtimes.
5 Include 'Healthy Eating' in the curriculum.
6 Invite speakers in to assembly to talk about healthy eating.
7 Make 'healthy options' of foods students like - e.g. burgers
8 Reward regular customers with stickers, money-off vouchers, small prizes etc.
9 Teach students that obesity increases the risk of other diseases and health problems such as high cholesterol, heart diseases, strokes, Type 2 diabetes, stress, breathing problems,and shorter life expectancy, etc.
10 Have tasting sessions to encourage students to try new foods
11 Invite a local chef in to demonstrate healthy appealing dishes.
12 Advertise new products around the school - e.g. posters, leaflets.
13 Get students involved in choosing 'healthy' dishes for the menu
14 Offer cheaper healthy options at break and lunchtime.
15 Develop a school vegetable patch - encourage 'Grow Your Own'.
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