Resurrection, Ascension,Pentecost Resurrection Appearances.

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Resurrection, Ascension,Pentecost Resurrection Appearances.
1 The Resurrection
1.1 Is the christian belief that when three days after Jesus was crucified he rose from the dead.
1.1.1 The witnesses were Mary Magdalene, Joanna and Mary.When they found the stone rolled back from the tomb
2 Resurrection Appearances
2.1 This is the witnesses of Jesus' Resurrection.
2.1.1 Witnesses: Mary Magdalene,12 disciples(doubting Thomas) Doubting Thomas: When he asked to put his hands in the wounds of Jesus. Mary Magdalene: The first witness of Jesus' Resurrection. 12 disciples: Met them on road to Emmaus.
3 Ascension
3.1 Is when Jesus ascended up into heaven. They saw him,talked to him,ate with him.
3.1.1 He rose from the earth and went up into heaven
4 Pentecost
4.1 The day the apostles recieved the Holy Spirit and began spreading the message of Jesus.

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