Different types of conservatism

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Different types of conservatism
1 Authoritarian conservatism
1.1 Respect for custom and tradition
1.1.1 Joseph de Maistre critical of french revolution restore power to the monarchy
1.2 19th C conservatives in Continental Europe
1.2.1 remained faithful to values stood 'unbending' in face of rising liberal, national and social powers Tsar Nicholas I 'orthodoxy, autocracy and nationality' Refused an parliamentary democracy
1.3 Remained strong in catholic countries
1.3.1 Pope condemned all radical ideas
1.4 continued into 20th C
2 Paternalistic Conservatism
2.1 "A state without means of some change is without means of conservation"
2.2 Burkean conservatism
2.2.1 cautious
2.2.2 Modest
2.2.3 Pragmatic
2.3 Ian Gilmore
2.3.1 "The wise conservatives travel light" Few simple principles, little they want to change
2.4 rarely justify dramatic or radical change
3 One Nation
3.1 Benjamin Disraeli
3.1.1 social obligation in stark contrast to extreme individualism
3.1.2 Britain divided into two nations "Rich and the poor" Inequality contained the seed of revolution Working Class not accept its misery Up to the wealthy and privileged to bring about social obligations Prepared to give benefits to conserve Noblesse Oblige
3.1.3 67 reform act Francise to working class males
3.1.4 social reforms in housing and hygiene Helped and humanised Capitalism
3.1.5 Important to a radical and reforming tradition of pragmatic instincts and social duty MacMillian - acceptance of the Middle Way
4 Libertarian conservatism
4.1 draws upon classical liberal ideas
4.2 "New right" hijacked conservatism for classical liberalism
4.3 Advocate
4.3.1 Greatest possible economic liberty
4.3.2 Least possible regulation of social life "Getting the government of the backs of the people" Thatcher
4.4 Burke expressed a strong preference for free trade "natural and necessary"
4.4.1 Working conditions dictated by the market
4.4.2 although conditions poor, it would be worse if the 'natural course of things' were disturbed
5 Conservatism in the 21st C
5.1 Evident in the USA
5.1.1 GWBush and Christian new right Bible Belt Roe vs Wade - trying to overturn Religion Gonzales vs Carhart 2007 Partial-Birth abortion
5.1.2 Newt Gingrich - Contract with America Passed DOMA
5.1.3 GOP - Health reform Acts
5.1.4 Society more important than individual Patriot Act - 2001 removes some freedoms under the constitution
5.2 Northern Ireland
5.2.1 "child Abuse only thing comparable to Homosexuality" iris Robinson
5.2.2 DUP voting against Gay Marriage Religious Party
5.2.3 Pro-free trade
5.2.4 Sinn Fein socialists 43% children in West Belfast live in property 21% children in East Belfast live in Poverty

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