The Son's Veto

Taylor Smith
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Cambridge IGCSE and AS English and French Mind Map on The Son's Veto, created by Taylor Smith on 05/26/2014.

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Taylor Smith
Created by Taylor Smith over 5 years ago
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The Son's Veto
1 Characters
1.1 Sophy
1.1.1 lame
1.1.2 "Poor thing"
1.1.3 Degraded and controlled by son
1.1.4 Randolph's mother
1.2 Randolph
1.2.1 Makes mother kneel down and swear away her happiness to protect his position
1.2.2 "Gentleman" of England
1.2.3 religious
1.2.4 arrogant
1.2.5 Has complete ownership of his mother
1.3 Sam
1.3.1 tradesman and shop owner
1.3.2 far better match for Sophy than Randolph
2 Themes
2.1 Woman In Society
2.1.1 highlighted throughout Sophy's story
2.1.2 A driving motive
2.1.3 Specific adjective choices quickly puts women into the role of an object, "soft, brown, affectionate orbs..."
2.2 Church
2.2.1 hypocrisy of the church
2.2.2 propensity to attract clergy down by social improvement than by Christian virtues
3 Narrative Voice
3.1 Omniscient position is adopted throughout, 3rd person, inner thoughts of protagonist
3.2 techniques by Hardy explores his sympathy for Sophy, distances himself from Randolph

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