IB SL Biology: Cell Division

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IB SL Biology: Cell Division
1 Interphase
1.1 G1
1.1.1 Period of growth
1.1.2 DNA transcription
1.1.3 Protein synthesis
1.2 S phase
1.2.1 All DNA in nucleus is replicated
1.3 G2
1.3.1 Cell prepares for division
1.4 Longest phase of cell cycle
1.5 Increase in mitochondria/chloroplasts
2 Mitosis
2.1 Occurs after interphase
2.1.1 Tissue repair, growth, embryonic dev. and asexual reproduction
2.2 Early prophase
2.2.1 Chromosomes become observable due to supercoiling
2.2.2 Spindle microtubules are growing
2.3 Late prophase
2.3.1 Each chromosome = two chromatids Chromatids held together by centromere Genetically identical - formed by DNA replication
2.3.2 Spindle microtubules extend from poles to equator
2.4 Metaphase
2.4.1 Nuclear membrane has broken down Chromosomes have migrated to equator
2.4.2 Spindle microtubules from both poles attach to each centromere
2.5 Anaphase
2.5.1 Centromeres divided; chromatids have become chromosomes
2.6 Early telophase
2.6.1 Chromosomes have reached poles Nuclear membranes begin to form
2.6.2 Spindle microtubules break down
2.7 Late telophase
2.7.1 Chromosomes uncoil, no longer indiv. visible
2.7.2 Cell divides :CYTOKINESIS - two cells with genetically identical nuclei
2.8 Tumours
2.8.1 The result of uncontrolled cell division; can occur in any organ or tissue

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