Role of HR Management

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Role of HR Management
1 Strategic role of HR management
1.1 Total relationship between Employer and employee
1.2 Human resources are seen as an asset
1.3 Creating and efficient workplace
2 Interdependence with other key business functions
2.1 HR managers are responsible for
2.1.1 Planning and job design
2.1.2 Acquisition Recruitment Selection Placement
2.1.3 Development Induction Training Career development Performance apprausal
2.1.4 Maintenance of staff Well being Legal responsibilities Communication
2.1.5 Performance awards
2.1.6 Separation
2.1.7 Managing diversity Equal employment opportunities Affirmative action legislation
3 Outsourcing
3.1 HR functions
3.1.1 One of the largest and most rapidly growing
3.1.2 Focus goes to more core aspects
3.1.3 Small to medium businesses
3.2 Using contractors
3.2.1 Domestic Leave sections to experts Fresh ideas and perspective --> leadership development Improves the quality & productivity Risks Effectiveness of communications Potential loss of direct customer contact
3.2.2 Global To reduce costs Risks Hard to control quality and reliability Cultural diffences Security issues High labor turnover Well qualified employees replaced with less
3.2.3 Cost saving
3.2.4 For non-core functions
3.2.5 Risks Cost overruns Loss of quality difficulty monitoring quality and performance
3.2.6 Loss of competitive advantage
3.3 Reduces costs and improves productivity

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