The Arms Race

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Was the arms race a stabilising factor?

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The Arms Race
1 Stabilising Factors
1.1 Hungarian Rising (1957)
1.1.1 No american reaction
1.2 Balance was maintained and neither side could achieve a monopoly
1.3 Peaceful coexistance aimed to reduce military spending
1.4 Nuclear threat and mutually assured destruction
1.4.1 Soviet reluctance to aid china
1.4.2 more care taken by both sides to avoid war
2 Destabilising factors
2.1 American Brinkmanship increased the likelihood of war
2.1.1 Taiwan Straits Crisis (1958), China backs down
2.1.2 John Foster Dulles
2.1.3 Eisenhower Rollback Aggressive foreign policy
2.2 Delivery Systems
2.2.1 ICBM (1957)
2.2.2 Bomber gap TU20 Bear intercontinental bomber
2.3 U2 Incident (1960)
2.3.1 Soviet walkout of Paris Summit (1960)
2.3.2 strained relations Soviet embarassment at lying over missile capability American Embarrassment at failed cover up
3 Developments
3.1 American Atom bomb (1945)
3.2 soviet atom bomb (1949)
3.3 American Hydgrogen Bomb (1952)
3.4 Soviet hydrogen bomb (1953)
3.5 Soviet lithium bomb (1954)
3.6 First ICBM (1957)
3.7 Sputnik (1957)
4 Cuban Missile crisis (1962)
4.1 Hotline (1963)
4.2 Test Ban Treaty (1963)
4.3 Removal of Soviet missiles from Cuba
4.4 Reomval of American weapons from Turkey

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