Lysistrata-My Concept

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Lysistrata-My Concept
1 Lighting
1.1 Outdoor setting-daylight.Performed in daylight to make use of the natural lighting as it would have been in original 411BC performances
1.2 Lighting used with use of a wash lighting to illuminate the stage on dull days
1.3 Hut illuminated with lights, to show the inside action between the elders. Coloured gels used in the Komos as a celbration of sexes coming together.
2 Sound
2.1 African drumming sounds foreshadow the entrance of the men returning from battle. Also continue under chorus sections to keep the rhythm of the verses.
2.2 Pitched instruments used for comic effect, eg when Magistrate is made a fool of. Similar to the Ancient Greek performances where they would use pots with water in for a certain pitch as well as Lutes and Flutes.
2.3 Acapella singing in the singing sections and the Komos The soloist will be accompanied by the chorus singing acapella and African style
3 Multimedia
3.1 Board that shows quotes from the news reports of the real Kenyan story which flashes during vertain intervals, like womens chorus meeting and the women taking the oath
3.2 Colours on the screen, blending from green, to red, to orange and yellow (the colours of men and women in the play). The reconciliation scene is the only time that the screen isnt one of those colours, as it is white, showing peace and hope.
4 Costume
4.1 Magistrate wears a suit, contrast to other characters. Sticks out, doesnt fit in.
4.2 Women:Orange and yellow. Kangas, with beads and headresses. Women's chorus have 6 members, 3 in yellow and 3 in orange. Shade of colour reflects type of character, eg Lysistrata dark orange (strength, firey) and Calonice yellow (laid back and free)
4.3 Men: Red and Green. Waist length Kangas in fabrics of red and greens, also with beads and paints on chests. Chrorus 6 members with 3 red and 2 green.
5 Set and Stage
5.1 Amphitheatre staging-true to original conditions.
5.2 Scene building at back (traditionally used for entrances and exits as well as storing costumes) adapted to be a hut. Hut with open front so the audience can see inside at all times. This represents the Acropolis as the Elders of the tribe live there and the tribe protect it. Hut decorated with beads and fabrics, inside is split into two, one side red and green (men), one side yellow and orange (women). actors inside are contantly quarrelling until end, where they unite and hold hands-equality of sexes.
5.3 Only other piece of staging is a well. Reconcilition appreas from this in that section.
6 Context
6.1 Kenyan 2009 sex strike. Women refrained from sex with their husbands and bpyfriends in order to bring peace and make the leaders talk.
6.2 original was in 411BC, performed in an amphitheatre. Aristophanes.

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