Specific topic 7.5 Timber (Stock forms)

T Andrews
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GCSE Edexcel New Specification Mind Map on Specific topic 7.5 Timber (Stock forms), created by T Andrews on 08/01/2017.

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T Andrews
Created by T Andrews almost 2 years ago
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Specific topic 7.5 Timber (Stock forms)
1 7.5.1 Stock forms/types
1.1 Sheets
1.2 Dowels
1.3 Mouldings
1.4 Regular sections
2 7.5.2 Sizes
2.1 PAR/PSE/Imperial/Metric
2.2 Board sizes 2440mm x 1220mm, 1220mm x 610mm
2.3 Diameter
2.4 Cross-sectional area

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