Flooding 2013/2014 in the UK

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Mind Map on Flooding 2013/2014 in the UK, created by Hasan Imam-Sadeque on 06/06/2014.

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Flooding 2013/2014 in the UK
1 Effects on humans and the enviroment
1.1 California experience extensive droughts
1.2 The East Coast of America was blanket in quiet a few feet of snow
1.3 £12.2billion pounds worth of damage was done in the UK
1.3.1 Road and railways were affected the most Somerset was the worst affected county before so low lying and was flooding for nearly half a year
1.3.2 The damage was caused partly by floods but also by winds exceeding hundred miles an hour and massive waves along the coast
1.3.3 In some areas up to ten metres of coastline was eroded
1.4 Europe also took a battering to with Eastern states being frozen over and Mediterranean states also battered by flooding
2 Causes
2.1 The ground was already waterlogged from the summer of 2013
2.2 A hot air mass from Mexico met a cold air mass from the Artic over East America and formed an anticyclone witch physically move the Jetstream south which messed up the weather over the UK because weather systems that are usually to the North of England hit us instead
2.2.1 Many depressions were able to form rapidly one after another which would charge towards Britain due to these conditions
2.3 They could be a system of global warming
3 Reactions and reponses
3.1 The government of the UK pledged that they would take action immediately to help those most affected
3.2 Many people worry that the government is not doing enough e.g. dredging to be completed by 2015 is nowhere near finishing
3.3 Around 1.4 million houses were saved by sea and flood defences but there many area that still need protecting especially in Somerset
3.4 Many people help their flooded local communities since many agencies were stretched to the limit
3.4.1 This included helping the elderly and help distribute sandbags etc.
3.5 The government set up an emergency panel to deal with the floods
3.6 Both the army and navy were called in to help with laying out sandbags
3.6.1 Military trucks were often used to transport sandbags
3.7 The environment agency set up a three tier system to decide what to save in what order
3.7.1 First priority was to save lives, then houses and businesses and then farmland
3.8 The Thames barrier saved London from most of the flooding
3.9 The environmental agency and the government has pledged millions to increase the number of flood defences and repair and strengthen existing ones
3.10 Whether this will encourage people to try and stop or slow down global warming is unknown
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