Science P3 - Sustainable Energy

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Science P3 - Sustainable Energy
1 Primary Energy Source
1.1 Is found or occurs naturally.
1.2 Examples include fuels such as coal, oil, natural gas and wood.
2 Secondary Energy Source
2.1 Is energy in a form that can be distributed easily but is manufactured by using a raw energy resource such as a fossil fuel or wind
2.2 Examples of electricity, hot water used in heating streams, and stream.
3 Fuels
3.1 A fossil fuel is one that is built up over millions of years by decay of plants and animals remain.
3.2 Coal, petroleum, and natural gas are all fossil fuels.
3.3 When they burn, fossil fuels produce carbon dioxide (CO2) and other pollutants such as carbon particles.
3.4 A biofuel is a renewable fuel that uses biological material, such as recently living plant material and animal waste.
4 Formulas
4.1 Energy used = Power rating x Time
4.2 Power = Voltage x Current
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