Context (Of Mice and Men)

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Context (Of Mice and Men)
1 Of mice and men came in 1937
2 Steinbeck sets Of Mice and Men against the backdrop of Depression-era America.
2.1 The economic conditions of the time victimized workers like George and Lennie
3 After World War I, economic and ecological forces brought many rural poor and migrant agricultural workers
3.1 Ie) States such as: Oklahoma, Texas, Kansas and California
3.2 The recession led to a drop in the market price of farm crops, which meant that farmers were forced to produce more goods in order to earn the same amount of money
3.3 The WALL STREET crash of 1929 only made matters worse
4 Steinbeck illustrates how grueling, challenging, and often unrewarding the life of migrant farmers could be
4.1 Many economic migrants headed west to 'Golden' California, thinking there would be land going spare, but the Californians turned many back, fearing they would be over-run. The refuges had nowhere to go back to, so they set up home in huge camps in the California valleys
4.2 Against this background, ranch hands like George and Lennie were lucky to have work. Ranch hands were grateful for at least a bunk-house to live in and to have food provided, even though the pay was low
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