Causes of the French Revolution

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Calista Kusuma
Created by Calista Kusuma over 5 years ago
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Causes of the French Revolution
1 Long Term
1.1 Absolutism
1.1.1 Idea that monarchs had divine rights Autocratic power Sole control over: Nobles Economy Power Government Monarchy regulated.. Taxation Religion Government Government spending
1.2 Ancien Regime
1.2.1 Three Estates 1. Clergy 2. Nobility 3. Peasantry
1.2.2 Third Estate Discontent American Revolution Liberty, equality, fraternity Financial burden Bad harvest and famine
1.3 Age of Enlightenment
1.3.1 Period of intellectual growth Liberty New political ideas Logic and reason over tradition and superstition (i.e Divine Right of Kings)
1.3.2 The 'philosophes' Pamphlets Distributed in salon parties Distributed by middle class women- liberal thinkers Rosseau, Diderot, Tom Paine Rosseau = Conffesions Became a Cultural Hero
2 Medium Term
2.1 Taxation System
2.1.1 First two estates exempt Peasants caried financial burden Louis XIV Left France in debt 7 Years War
2.1.2 Gabelle Tax Salt Staple in French diet Preseerved meat VITAL
2.1.3 Feudal Rights and Dues Tithes 10% of earnings to church
2.2 Louis XVI- economic mismanager
2.3 1787- Assembly of Notables disagree to tax where rich pay the most
2.3.1 1788- Clergy deny help
2.3.2 First and Second Estates refuse to help Louis
2.4 Rising population
2.4.1 Scarce resources
2.4.2 Higher prices
3 Short Term
3.1 Marie Antoinette
3.1.1 The 'Austrichienne'
3.1.2 No interest in subjects
3.1.3 Madame Deficit Le Petit Trianon Hairstyles Symbol of Unusefulness and debt
3.2 Louis XVI
3.2.1 No politcal interest
3.2.2 Personality Shy Indecisive Awkward Narrowminded
3.2.3 Despot Letter de Cachets 14 000 sent Sent numerous people to prison
3.3 Tennis Court Oath
3.3.1 20th June 1789
3.3.2 Estates General called to agree to new taxes Third Estate sat at back Demanded new government and equality Estates General closed down until Louis could regain control All estates made oath to never stop meeting until allowed to run country and had rights recognised National Assembly formed
3.3.3 1791- Jacque-Louis David painting of Tennis Court Oath

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